The Veggie Challenge

May 21, 2009

I have a confession to make. I have not been the healthiest vegan these last few months and while I haven’t gained any weight, my body just doesn’t feel like it used to. I’ve been tired, sluggish, bloated and just all around feeling kind of yuck. I know it’s my diet. I have been eating alot of baked sweets, grains and gluten. I’ve also been drinking alot of diet soda and even started drinking coffee again. The fact that I am so tired screams that my diet desperately needs an overhaul. I decided to come up with The Veggie Challenge. My diet will consist of fruits, veggies, nuts and legumes. I think that I might include tofu to allow myself a little bit of versatility. I’m going to force myself to give up the diet soda, which is my biggest weakness. I’m also going to switch back to tea and increase my water intake. I’m tired of feeling exhausted all the time. I’m kind of excited to get back to basics, but I know that I am desperately going to miss seitan and sweets. Not eating the usual grains means I’m going to have to get creative with potatoes and other root veggies. I just know that something has to change. I don’t have enough energy to keep up with my kids and it’s summer time. I need that energy! I’ve been relying on my vitamin suppliments too long. It’s time to get those vitamins in my diet as well. I was planning to give myself two weeks before I reintroduce grains and bread. I just know that I have to force myself to create meals where vegetables are the focus. It’s been too long where I have been a vegan pretty much eating in classic omni fashion – meals of primarily protein and carb. Well, no more! I’m sure I’ll be posting away these next few weeks.


Alas, I know, I have been away too long. I am vowing to remedy that. I have been a very busy girl over here. With the slump in the economy, our finances have also taken a bit of a hit. I should be greatful that my husband still has work, although his wage is not what it used to be. We have made considerable adjustments in our life. I am consumed with keeping our grocery bill under a hundred dollars, which is no small thing considering we are a home of four including two in diapers. And much to my distress, have cut our cable down to basic, cut the cell phone and *gasp* are going back to dial up. Oh, the humanity! But, we shall survive. I have picked up my wooden spoon, wrapped my little one to my back and decided that I willl fill my time with baking, cooking, nature walks and playing with my children. It’s going to be a good thing getting back to basics. I promise to update here regularly since I will need my fellow vegan bloggers to get creative with our minimalist budget.

I currently have chocolate chunk scones baking in the oven. My three year old will be over the moon since they are her favorite. I’m using Isa’s recipe that I posted some entries ago. I also have to add that I have been delving into the depths of Veganomicon. These past few weeks I have made the cassoulet, cholent, plantain stew and a few other dishes. I have to hand it to Isa, she takes the boredom of of the vegan meal. The stew is a house fave and while I really loved the cholent, I have come to learn that I just can’t digest TVP. I’ll leave that story for another post!