Small victory for those in Florida who oppose offshore drilling. I recently sent out a round of letters to Senator Martinez, Senator Nelson and Congressman Weldon concerning our state and off shore drilling. It seems that we were spared from this republican push to practically drill on our beaches. The new buffer zone is set at 50 miles off the coast in participating states. Of course that’s not good enough for some who say that most of the oil is between 3 and 50 miles off the coast. Sure, let’s drill off our beachs. Don’t you know that oil rigs encourage sea life by acting like artificial reefs? Oh and let’s take the polar bear off the endangered species list, drill in their habitat and open up ANWAR while we’re at it? What will be next? Where does it stop? I was surprised to receive a response for one of the letters I sent. Congressman Dave Weldon sent me letter detailing the 125 mile buffer zone that protects Florida thorugh 2022. Tampa Bay has an even larger buffer zone of 234 miles. To some people this may not be a big deal, but I love my state, even as hot as it is. I love our beautiful beaches, sealife and coastline and it does my heart good to see that there are people still fighting to protect that in the midst of this oil drilling mania our country is going though. I am all for our energy independence, but not at any cost.