Alas, I know, I have been away too long. I am vowing to remedy that. I have been a very busy girl over here. With the slump in the economy, our finances have also taken a bit of a hit. I should be greatful that my husband still has work, although his wage is not what it used to be. We have made considerable adjustments in our life. I am consumed with keeping our grocery bill under a hundred dollars, which is no small thing considering we are a home of four including two in diapers. And much to my distress, have cut our cable down to basic, cut the cell phone and *gasp* are going back to dial up. Oh, the humanity! But, we shall survive. I have picked up my wooden spoon, wrapped my little one to my back and decided that I willl fill my time with baking, cooking, nature walks and playing with my children. It’s going to be a good thing getting back to basics. I promise to update here regularly since I will need my fellow vegan bloggers to get creative with our minimalist budget.

I currently have chocolate chunk scones baking in the oven. My three year old will be over the moon since they are her favorite. I’m using Isa’s recipe that I posted some entries ago. I also have to add that I have been delving into the depths of Veganomicon. These past few weeks I have made the cassoulet, cholent, plantain stew and a few other dishes. I have to hand it to Isa, she takes the boredom of of the vegan meal. The stew is a house fave and while I really loved the cholent, I have come to learn that I just can’t digest TVP. I’ll leave that story for another post!