another seitanic success

November 25, 2008

It’s been another rough few days in our household. We’ve been sick again. I have no idea what it is, but it keeps coming back like some awful recurring nightmare. The girls are also sick again. Hopefully we can clean the crepe out of this house, air it out, load up on vitamins and finally get rid of this.

My husband has given himself a new nickname, he thinks he’s clever. He calls himself a PTV, part time vegan. Can you see me shaking my head over here? He has been asking more questions about animal rights which is a new development. He’s eaten quite a few vegan meals this week as well. He’s found the seitan love and has had me make a few of the dishes that I made during veganmofo. He’s one of those people that finds what he likes and sticks to it. If he had his way, we’d eat the same things every week. I made another potpie and the country fried seitan this week and we have no leftovers to speak of. I think I’m starting to get to get to him.

Yesterday I decided to try out a new seitan recipe and it’s a keeper. It tastes similar to Bryanna’s turkey soy seitan that I made for my thanksgiving tester meal, but it’s not as much work. I did change a few things with much success, I was a bit worried though. I only used half of the chicken broth powder, 3 tbsp seemed like alot to me. I used applesauce in place of tomato paste, this was the part I was concerned with. I love the seitan o’greatness recipe, but the tomato flavor is a bit much for me at times. I also used fresh ground black pepper instead of white pepper and fresh garlic instead of garlic powder. It was just okay fresh out of the oven, unlike the turkey soy seitan, which was amazing. After chilling in the fridge over night, it is soooo good though! It made a perfect sandwich for lunch today and I’m looking forward to using it in other things. I will be making this again!


8 Responses to “another seitanic success”

  1. April Says:

    So are you going to end up doing the turkey soy seitan for Thanksgiving or this? Can we get a link/recipe for the other one? I love Quorn loaf, and we’ve had that for the past few Thanksgivings, but I can’t find it anywhere this year. So now I’m debating getting a Tofurkey (which I think is pretty good, but not the greatest) or attempting to make something myself.

  2. Heather Says:

    I’ll be making the soy setian recipe for our holiday dinner. It’s more work than this one is, but the fact that it’s really good right out of the oven is why I’ll do that instead of this one. It’s labeled BRYANNA’S NEW VERSION OF SOY AND SEITAN “TURKEY” (WITH STUFFED”TURKEY”, STUFFING RECIPE, AND FAT-
    FREE GRAVY) about half way down the page here – I also did it without a mixer or bread machine and it turned out fine. Also, I’ll make my own stuffing and gravy.

  3. allularpunk Says:

    the seitan recipe that i make for lunch’meat’ isn’t really good straight out of the oven either, but chilled is awesome. i wonder why that is… i’ll have to sneak a peek at this complicated seitan soy turkey thing. i still have not yet finalized my recipe for my thanksgiving roast!

  4. k Says:

    hope you all are well again soon! i think ptv is what i am going to start calling my sister’s boyfriend.

  5. April Says:

    Oooooh, thank you so much!! How did PTV like the “turkey”? Have you tried any of her other recipes? And did you make the gravy listed here or another version? Is it wrong that I want to make one now and another on Thanksgiving?

  6. Heather Says:

    The PTV loved it and even had a seitan stuffing sandwich the following day. I made my own gravy recipe and the turkey tester dinner here I just had a seitan salad sandwich for dinner since Nate’s working late and damn if it wasn’t good. I haven’t had a chance to try alot of Bryanna’s seitan recipes, but I made her pumpkin pie and you’d never be able to tell that it was vegan. I’m bringing that to the omni family dinner on thursday. I’m thinking of doing her “veal” cutlets and wheatballs next. Her recipes seem more time consuming than some of the other seitan recipes I’ve tried though. I’ll have to post when I try them out.

  7. niftymom Says:

    I’m sorry you all are sick again 😦

  8. christine Says:

    im new here and a new vegan (veg for 10+ yrs) i swear you are describing my husband! vegan m-f, steak and pizza on the weekends! love your blog and can’t wait to try this one and a few others, too. 🙂

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