an on going process…

September 26, 2008

I was not expecting the level of disgust I would feel with my new awareness. I think I was a bit idealistic in my new found veganess. I’m still in the process of ridding my house of animal products and I’m constantly finding stuff. I think we are going to have the “Heather is going vegan garage sale” haha. It’s not so much the leather and shoes that gross me out, all though the horrible way it’s made is much more than gross. It’s the beauty products and tooth paste and lotion and the list goes on. I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I realized that I’ve basically been smearing animal fats on my body in various forms. And the gelatin thing leaves me very queasy. It’s in everything and I had no idea how it was really made. I will never look at jello the same again.

VegFamily has the list that I have been using. It’s been an eye opening resource. Jason Naturals and Tom’s of Maine have become staples in our home. They are easy to find and inexpensive. It’s going to take some time to convert our household, but it’s definitley doable.


2 Responses to “an on going process…”

  1. bex Says:

    my husband and I have been vegan for 2 years now and we are still getting rid of stuff. Our problem is that some things stay out of sight for a while. Now I’m actively going through out belongings, spring & vegan cleaning.

  2. Sara Says:

    Other good brands for beauty products and toiletries that me and my sister like are Alba organics for lotions and moisturizers, Shikai (for shampoos and conditioners), Ecco Bella for makeup, Giovanni for hair products, and BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) for random toiletries like facial toner, nail polish, etc. Yeah, I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years now, and I’ll still come across things that become hidden behind the initial restocking of vegan products. Also, it took a while for our mother to realize that the bath lotions and stuff she would send us as gifts weren’t vegan – I finally gave her back a body lotion she had given my sister (when I was helping sis pack up her house to move) as a “house cleaning present”, she was like, “oh, so even though you didn’t buy it you still won’t use it if it’s not vegan.” Ugh…deep breath…but now she gets it.

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