when life hands you lemons, make vegan cupcakes!

September 23, 2008

I snagged this delish recipe from holy cow! . The recipe was easy to follow and they came out nice, moist and cakey. They have a wonderful, light lemony flavor. My little cakes fell a bit, but it gave the perfect little spot for the icing. I did sub ginger for the cardamom. These yummy little bits even got the picky toddler stamp of approval. After a quick taste test to make sure I wasn’t feeding her poop or poison or whatever she checks for, Keira promptly stuffed an entire cupcake into her mouth, haha.


3 Responses to “when life hands you lemons, make vegan cupcakes!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Wow..that’s amazing with the ginger that the toddler would’ve liked it. Maybe I’ve just been around people who are sensitive to the kick of ginger. They look so yummy! I love lemony cupcakes – and ginger..what genius! And when they fall a tick, you’re right – it IS a perfect spot for a dollop of icing! It’s like it was meant to be 🙂

  2. Vaishali Says:

    Heather, so glad you tried the recipe. And I like the variation with ginger: will make a note to try that the next time.

  3. Exotica Says:

    Wow! Looks really beautiful. Too bad we can’t get vegan cream cheese in Singapore. Wish we had access to it. Sigh!

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