this cake should be illegal, seriously

September 21, 2008

We dipped into the cake last night. Yup, that’s right, we didn’t wait. It actually turned out to be a great decision since the girls woke up sick and we weren’t able to go to the BBQ. Aww, and I really wanted to go (insert eye roll here). The perfect thing about this cake is that you can refrigerate it and it doesn’t get hard and crumbly like conventional cakes. I think this will be the recipe I use to make Kadence’s 1st birthday cake. I’m going to try a vegan vanilla cake recipe before I make my decision.

My husband and I are having issues with my decision to go vegan. He says he supports me and on the surface he does. I think he’s afraid of the change in our household. I think he likes living with blinders on. He has this prejudice about vegan food. He’s always complaining that it has a weird flavor, when I know that it clearly does not. I think he’s imagining things that aren’t there. He wants it to taste weird so that he can be okay with his choices.


6 Responses to “this cake should be illegal, seriously”

  1. Did he complain about that cake? If so, nothing will convince him & it’s all in his head! That looks so decadent & moist.

  2. theliberalvegan Says:

    He said that the raspberry in the cake made it taste a little off. I think he’s out of his ever-lovin’ mind and you’re right, it’s all in his head.

  3. Sara Says:

    You know, you could try making things that are ‘accidentally’ or ‘naturally’ vegan – like a soup or bean chili made with veggie broth. That way he won’t be looking for hidden “scary” vegan food like tofu and seitan, and he can just enjoy the food for what it is regardless of if it acquires vegan status. That’s what my sister and I had to do with our dad when we first went vegan. That first thanksgiving (of which my sister and I always do the cooking, so naturally that year it became vegan), it was a bit unsettling for him, so for the few days before, we made various ‘naturally’ vegan foods to get him ready – not that it was much of a change since we had been vegetarian for years before then so he was already used to no turkey – but the idea of not having real milk or butter in the mashed potatoes, and *gasp* steamed veggies put him off a bit. But once he realized that there are many foods that are good, that just happen to be vegan in their natural state, he’s come around. Now he requests things that he loves to see if we can make them vegan, like cinnamon rolls – of course, this was several years coming..but he’s finally ok with eating vegan for the whole week of these holidays. Good foods to ease them into accepting your veganism are soups and chili’s, roasted potatoes, stuffed bell peppers, etc. Avoiding things like mexican or italian where cheese will be noticeably gone is probably best at first. Hope this helps!

  4. Sara Says:

    Oh, and yeah..that cake looks AMAZING! I think your husband might be slightly out of his mind as well!

  5. theliberalvegan Says:

    Despite his complaints, I woke up to find that he’d gotten up in the middle of the night and polished off the last quarter of cake that was left! Couldn’t have been all that bad 😉

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